Why Scan Deal Jackets?

1. Reduces Storage Space:

  • Deal jackets take up lots of space.
  • Reducing the space needed to store deal jackets saves money on materials and space.
  • Reduce clutter and utilize new space for other accounting tasks.

2. Customer or Sale Inquiries:

  • Deal jacket scanning makes it easier for your accounting staff respond to document requests.
  • Scanned deal jackets can be easily viewed, contents separated and distributed.

3. Saves Time and Money:

  • With easy access to all your electronic deal jackets at the click of a button, your staff won’t waste time searching through boxes or file rooms in an attempt to locate the documents needed.
  • Deal jackets range from 30 to 100 pages per deal. Flipping through physical documents is time consuming. Digital deal jackets make information faster to find.
  • Digitizing documents eliminates the need for physical storage space and reduces the cost of printing and mailing paper documents.

4. Allows You to Easily Share:

  • Allows accounting to focus their time on business-at-hand, instead of time-consuming document searches.
  • Multiple colleagues can access the same document when required, with information easily distributed from one department to another.

5. Secure Document Storage:

  • Your paper deal jackets may be susceptible to theft, deterioration or damage from unfavorable climate conditions or unexpected disasters.
  • Dealer Scanning offers enhanced disaster recovery options to minimize impact.
  • Digital deal jackets are securely backed-up to prevent your information from being permanently lost or accessed by an unauthorized third parties.

6. Better Compliance:

  • Deal jacket scanning allows for easy tracking of documents and ensure all the necessary documents are present for compliance, with no missing documents.

7. Remote access:

  • Digital documents can be accessed from anywhere, which can be helpful for remote workers or employees who frequently travel.

8. Better customer service:

  • By having all the documents on hand, customer service can be improved with quick and efficient resolution of issues.

9. Environmentally friendly:

  • Reducing the use of paper and printing can help to reduce the dealership's carbon footprint.
  • Unlimited deal jacket scanning.
  • Scan up to 100 pages at once.
  • Easily scan long page contracts and miscellaneous items.
  • Scan by deal number or stock number.
  • Scanned deal jackets can be can be viewed by accounting, sales managers, and F&I via our Dealer Scanning viewers.

How to Scan Deal Jackets?

Deal Jacket Scanning Station
  1. Place the deal jacket documents in the document scanner.
  2. Press the Scan button on the touch screen.
  3. The document pages will be scanned both front and back.
  4. When scanning is complete, enter deal number or stock number
  5. After scanning, deal jackets can be easily verified via our document viewer.
  6. Document pages are automatically stored as a PDF file which can be retrieved via our Dealer Scanning viewers.
  1. After scanning is complete, click view button to confirm deal jacket scanned.
  2. View all documents.
  3. Easy to use thumbnail navigation.
Deal Jacket Viewer
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