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What Do We Do?

We provide car dealerships with a simple to use customized scanning system for service departments and accounting to scan repair orders, deal jackets, parts invoices, rental agreements & custom items.

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How much does this cost?

$500 per month

$500 installation

Includes All Equipment: Scanner & Touchscreen, Unlimited Scanning, Lifetime Warranty on Equipment, Ongoing Maintenance & Live Support.

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Customized Scanning System for Accounting and Service Departments:

Repair Order Scanning

Deal Jacket Scanning

Parts Invoice Scanning

Rental Agreement Scanning

Custom Items

Scanning Station Includes:

  • Equipment:
    • 60 page per minute, double-sided scanner
    • Heavy duty all-in-one touchscreen computer
  • Unlimited scanning
  • Real Time Reporting
  • DMS integration
  • Unlimited Users
  • On-site installation & training
  • Lifetime warranty on all equipment
  • Month-to-month agreement
  • Multi-system discount
  • Scanned files are encrypted and backed up multiple times
  • Dealership owns data (no ransom fees)

DMS Integrations

Selling and servicing cars makes money

People shuffling documents does not!

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What Your Dealership Gets:

1. Equipment:

  • Dealer customized state of the art computer touchscreen.
  • Industry best in class Fujitsu color duplex document scanner.
  • Scans 60 pages per minute, front and back.
  • Easily scan small items like battery test receipts, service coupons, sublets, etc.

2. Unlimited Scanning:

  • Scan up to 1 million repair orders, parts invoices, deal jackets, custom items or rental agreements.
  • Other scanning companies charge per scanned page, leading to bigger costs specially as your dealership grows or back scanning older files.

3. Reporting and DMS integration:

  • Dealer Scanning integrates with all major Dealer Management Systems (DMS).
  • We are the only company in the industry that provides the following reporting:
    • Not Scanned Report: Shows ROs that were closed but not scanned.
    • Warranty Not Scanned Report: Shows ROs with Warranty work that was not scanned. View example

4. Unlimited Users:

  • Unlimited dealership users.
  • Security tracking for any user viewing scanned documents.
  • Off-site warranty administrator viewing secured capabilities.

5. On-site installation & training:

  • On-site, in-person installation takes about 2 hours.
  • Training is simple, takes less than 10 minutes. See how our scanning unit works here: Watch Demo

6. Lifetime warranty on all equipment:

  • Scanner and touchscreen are included in monthly price.
  • Any issues to equipment Dealer Scanning will replace at no extra cost during life of use.
  • Supplies and maintenance supplied during scanning unit use.

7. Month-to-month agreement:

  • No long term contract.
  • Month-to-month agreements keeps us diligent in always offering the best service to our dealerships.
  • 30-day cancellation notice

8. Multi-system discount:

  • Contact us for Dealer Group discounts.Phone: 800-783-1540
  • Discount for dealers that require more than one scanning unit. Call us: 800-783-1540

9. Encryption:

  • Immediately after file is scanned, it is converted into a PDF. This PDF is encrypted.
  • Scanned files can only viewed by the dealership along with enhanced security tracking.

10. Dealership owns data:

  • All scanned files are property of the dealership.
  • After cancellation of services, Dealer Scanning will provide all unencrypted scanned files to dealership.

What GMs, Service Managers, Controllers,
and Warranty Admins say about Dealer Scanning:


Jim Sabino, Fixed Ops Director

Dealer Scanning is by far one of my preferred vendors. They are a great company to work with. We have completely transformed our filing process. We are totally current and up to date with our filing. We also able to retrieve any document that has been scanned within seconds. Cesar and his staff are amazing to work with and truly understand the meaning of "customer satisfaction" I only wish I met Cesar 10 years ago!!

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Bob Kain, General Manager

We have been using Dealer Scanning for almost 2 years now. We started off using one unit in our service department and liked it so much that we have added another one to our office.. It is so simple to use that anyone can learn how to operate it in less than 10 minutes. Cesar Augustus is our Representative and he is exceptional in taking care of our needs. I would highly recommend Dealer Scanning to any business.

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Shawn Vogt, Service Manager

When I took over the dealership, we had a paperwork mess of a room slam full of documentation careless stacked and piled with no organization and no way to search of efficiently access the documents the business was saving, sometimes taking more than a day to find a single document with multiple staff members helping.

So I got approached by Cesar and he showed me the product and his desire to help us in the early stages of stopping by, making sure the equipment is working perfectly and answering any questions but rarely did any come up. It’s super easy to use. It was so easy, it’s secure and now hugely helpful in serving customers. Two years later, even after I have left the business, they are still looking strong in archiving the records. It’s one of the smartest choices made by that business going a long way to prevent further charge backs and litigation accordingly.

Thanks for the continued awesome business Cesar. You are an amazing person.

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Stefan Messick, Warranty Administrator


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Dave Stear, IT Director

You will not find a better scanning solution for the price! These guys take care of you and care about you. Simple scanning at a great price. Don't install anything else before calling them!!!

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Scott Wilson, General Manager

Exceptional company and ownership. My dealer had a DISASTER in the filing room. Now everythng is at the tip of my fingers. We have been using them for just over 3 years and use them at all of our locations

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Ted Ings, Fixed Ops Trainer, Influencer

Dealer Scanning is a pleasure to work with! They have solved so many of our clients' paperwork challenges, while maintaining integrity in the process. It's a turn-key solution that's perfect for all dealers. We highly recommend their services. And they're # 1 in customer service!

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Sam Hamdan, General Manager

Great product. We were struggling with our old system. Cesar was amazing. He got everything installed and trained everyone. The system is very use to use. All the employees love it.

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Onix Omar Hernandez, Service Director

Exceptional service by Dealer scanning system , This is the most reliable and affordable service that you can get for your Dealership scanning.

Easy and Friendly to use, Customer service is outstanding laterally its just a phone call away and immediately you have your support.

Thank you very much Dealer Scanning service

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Brooke Schirmer, Accounting Manager

I love working with Dealer Scanning. If we have questions or concerns, Cesar and his team are very quick to get me an answer. I would highly recommend this company.

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Fixed Ops Mastermind Dave Foy, Service Director

The service that this provides is only the beginning! The intangibles of what it does for your business is really where the value drive comes in. You have freed your staff from a tedious, time consuming task allowing them to be more productive in the same amount of time. You have eliminated searching for files saving time and money if they cannot be found.

All around incredible product and service!

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Chris Denny, General Manager

The scanning works great. Very quick, simple and easy. They are extremely easy to work with and quick to respond with any help or questions.

Reasonably priced especially compared to everything else out there. I highly recommend Dealer Scanning to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!

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Craig Reichert, Service and Parts Director

Dealer Scanning has been terrific to deal with. When Cesar first came in to talk about his product we had just started looking into getting a scanning service and his pricing was well below other competitors. Well, we have been using them since the summer of 2019 and they have delivered as promised. If any issue pops up, Cesar has always responded right away to correct the problem. We are a larger volume Subaru dealer scanning about 2,000 RO's a month and the system and equipment have held up fine. I would recommend Dealer Scanning to any dealership looking for a good product with a good price.

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Pablo Figueroa, Service Manager

Cesar & the entire team Dealer scanning are fantastic, seamless & efficient!

Highly recommend!

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Terri Krom, Office Manager

I love this way of filing. I am the only employee in our company to use the scanner, and we have 3 car lines at the dealership. I used to have to hand file every RO, very time consuming and hard on the back and arms. Love this machine! Never have to wait for supplies either. Thanks Ceaser and Michael.

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Michelle Hartwig, Office Manager

I was so excited when I found out we were getting this scanner for our service department it took nothing to learn how to use it I absolutely love this. I really has made my job so much easier and neater. We also have one in the collision department and the main office has one we all love it so much. We have had any problems they r hear to check on the machines everything 3 months and if u have any problems they can fix it over the phone on the computer it is a great company

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Michael Brooks, Service Manager

The dealer scanning team was fast, efficient, and knowledgeable. The product is simple and efficient, and the price point is great. Highly recommend them to anyone. We are getting ready to start scanning our old Repair orders.

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Kala Sassaman, Office Manager

Switching to Dealer Scanning has benefited our business in so many ways already, having switched to this program for only a few months. Cesar made the setup extremely easy and taught us how to properly make the switch... which I should add is SO simple that anybody can do it! This program has relieved us of the stress of finding Repair Orders lost in a sea of papers and simplified the search to typing in the customer's name, vin, or repair order number and BOOM. There it is, ready to be printed out. Highly impressed and would recommend to any dealership looking to make the switch! Thanks Cesar!

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Start Your Free 2 Month Trial
No Cost or Commitment!

Save Time, Space and Lots Money!