What our dealer clients are scanning:

Deal Jackets
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
After Sales/Warranty Payable
Bank Statements
Dealer Trades
Floor Plan
Human Resources (HR)
Miscellaneous Invoices
Miscellaneous Checks
Tag, Reg & Titles
Tax Forms
Warranty Cancellations

Benefits of Scanning Dealership Documents

  1. 1 - Free up valuable office space by eliminating bulky file cabinets and boxes.

  2. 2 - Preserve important information from physical deterioration and damage.

  3. 3 - Protect sensitive data with encryption, password protection and access control.

  4. 4 - Collaborate with staff in multiple locations and share documents instantly.

  5. 5 - Comply with audits by organizing, indexing and producing digital files quickly.

  6. 6 - Serve your customers better by sending bills, invoices and statements electronically.

  7. 7 - Reduce paper clutter and improve your productivity and efficiency.

Go green and reduce your environmental impact by using less paper.


  • Unlimited document scanning.
  • Scan entire deal jacket documents.
  • Optional color scanning.
  • Easy to use touch screen, one click to scan dealership files.
  • After scanning, file can be easily verified via our secure portal document viewer.
  • Reporting that allows proper auditing of scanned files.

How to Scan?

  • Place the employee documents in the document scanner.
  • Press the Scan button on the touch screen.
  • The document pages will be scanned both front and back.
  • Enter basic document information.
  • Document pages are then automatically stored as a PDF file which can be retrieved via our secure online viewer.
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View Scanned Files via Secured Online Portal

  • Scan documents can be viewed via secured online portal
  • Easily for documents by category, name etc.
  • View, download or easily share scanned documents with team members.
  • Scanned files are converted to pdf file that can be viewed via secured portal application via any major browser.
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Document scanning is the smart solution for your dealership.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you transform your paper dependency with document scanning!