Revolutionizing Dealership Efficiency: Live Demo of Dealer Scanning at Bozard Ford Lincoln

Revolutionizing Dealership Efficiency: Live Demo of Dealer Scanning at Bozard Ford Lincoln

FORT POP-UP EVENT Dealer Scanning product video with Kara Delaine and Cesar Augustus

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Kara: Hello, everybody! We are live here at Bozard Ford Lincoln in St. Augustine, Florida, and I'm so excited that we have Cesar Augustus here with us. Great to finally meet you and tell us what you're doing with dealer scanning because I have heard so many great things about this product from Ed Roberts, Tully Williams, and many other great people in our industry. I'm so excited to finally be able to see it in person and see how it can benefit so many dealerships out there.

Cesar: First of all, I want to say thank you, Kara, and I want to say thank you to TedIngs and obviously Bozard Ford for making this happen. I'm so excited, and yeah, no, here's our scanning station, and this is the stuff we've shown for years. This is what hundreds of dealers are using around the country. Yeah, this is basically...

Kara: It's a pretty small setup.

Cesar: Easy to use. It is a 70 page-per-minute scanner with a small touch screen that makes it easy for the person to scan.

Kara: So, this is all a dealership would need to get started?

Cesar: This is all you need to get. You don't have to buy the equipment. We're in a month-to-month agreement, and you basically get this and you start scanning, and it's very easy.

Kara: Okay, show me how it works.

Cesar: All right, so perfect. You have a typical repair order.

Kara: Okay.

Cesar: You have thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of these in some file room.

Kara: I have seen it.

Cesar: Yep. I'm going to take a typical repair order, and it's very easy to scan. We're going to load up the repair order.

Kara: So, you can put them all in there at once?

Cesar: All at once. You don't have to flip the pages, just naturally use it. Gotta load up the scanning application, click on repair orders, and all you have to do is click "scan repair order." Now, this is going to scan 70 pages a minute, front and back, and we're going to use what's called OCR technology or barcode technology to read the repair order number off of the repair order document. So, this one is 995957.

Kara: Okay.

Cesar: I didn't have to type anything. The RO's...

Kara: ...are already populated.

Cesar: Yep, it's on the screen. All you have to do is verify that that's the right number.

Kara: Okay.

Cesar: Click "OK." This saves it into a PDF.

Kara: Okay.

Cesar: An encrypted PDF, which uploads it to the secure cloud system. At this point, anyone in the dealership can see this document by simply pulling up the repair order number. And as you can see in this scenario I show you here, some of the pages we scan. Here's the back of this repair order. And as you saw, it was very easy to use.

Kara: Yeah, very fast too.

Cesar: That is literally all the scanning person can do. All they have to...

Kara: Wow.

Cesar: you can give this to a receptionist or a cashier. All they have to do is load up the repair order, click "scan repair order," okay?

Kara: So super fast, seamless, and it's all loaded up. And you're integrated with what DMS?

Cesar: So, we're in the world with the most DMS's. CDK, we're doing Automate, we're doing all the major DMS's in the industry.

Kara: Okay.

Cesar: And then, but the next thing is how do we look at these repair orders?

Kara: Yeah.

Cesar: So, I showed you how to scan. Now, if a service advisor, a warranty administrator, or the parts guy wants to look up a repair order, how do they do it? Yeah, very easy. There's this little icon here on their desktop, not on the scanning computer.

Kara: Okay, on their computer.

Cesar: On their computers, load up the application. I'm going to use a keyboard for this, type in the repair order, which is scanned 995957, hit enter.

Kara: Oh, wow.

Cesar: There's the information. Click on the scan date, and that's going to retrieve the PDF that we just scanned with all the contents of the repair order. There's the back of the page.

Kara: Very seamless.

Cesar: Super easy.

Kara: And it uploaded so quickly.

Cesar: Yep.

Kara: So this is going to save dealerships from those major file rooms in the file store and you know under tables and outside, and they've got a mess everywhere.

Cesar: In the times that it saves someone to recall a repair order ticket. So if a customer comes in and they want to look at something from six months...

Kara: Yeah.

Cesar: ...and there were some written notes on that repair order, but the service advisor has to call the file clerk, they need to go back.

Kara: Yeah.

Cesar: That process can take 30 minutes or it can take two hours.

Kara: Awesome. Now, what about if you have any sort of reporting in the system, right?

Cesar: So, that's actually a very good question. The scanning is only as good as the person that is scanning.

Kara: Makes sense.

Cesar: So if you cannot track what people are doing, you might get into trouble.

Kara: Right, what if they are not scanning it?

Cesar: if they not scanning, you don’t know.

Kara: Right.

Cesar: So we have industry only reporting system that allows you to see because of our integration with the dms’s it allows you to see how many RO’s were open in a given month and how many RO’s were scanned for that month.

Kara: Okay.

Cesar: So, I'm going to show you. It's pretty easy. You log into our system, there's a reporting application, and in this scenario, you look at this dealership, for example, for March, they opened 2124 repair orders, they scanned 2117 out of that, which is a 99% scan percentage, which is pretty good, and they're missing seven ROs. So if you want to know what those seven are, click on the seven, scroll down.

Kara: Wow.

Cesar: Now, at this point, it tells you the repair order number, open/close date, more importantly, it tells you the advisor's name. So, you can print this out and go to the scanning person and say, "Hey, can you help me find out where these seven RO’s are?"

Kara: Now, it's foolproof.

Cesar: It's foolproof. Then, most importantly and better, it tells you how many warranty repair orders are missing scanned.

Kara: Oh, wow.

Cesar: So, it makes it easy. It gives you a snapshot of the scanning process. It keeps people from micromanaging. Your service advisor is busy with so many things. They have no time to go micromanage the scanning person. It makes it, at least, is a simple process.

Kara: This is so impressive, Cesar. Thank you so much for showing us today here at our live pop-up event at Bozard Ford Lincoln. I know so many dealerships that could utilize this tool in their stores. So, how can they get a hold of you if they're interested in this program?

Cesar: Yeah, go give us a call, go to our website,, for the Bozard crowd, or for the people that attend this event, we have a three-month free trial. So, this is our best offer yet. We literally give you this for three months so you can kick the tires, test it out, make sure it works, and we're here to help you, support, and add value to the dealership.

Kara: Wow. Well, thank you so much, Cesar.

Cesar: Good to see you.

Kara: For being here today at the Fix Stops Roundtable live pop-up event at Bozard Ford Lincoln.

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