Why Scan ROs?

1. Faster Repair Order Retrieval:

  • With traditional paper filing systems, it can take an average of 32 minutes to find one repair order document.
  • Document scanning makes it easier for your service department staff to work with repair order files.
  • After scanning, ROs can be retrieved quickly and easily without having to call, email or leave your desk.

2. Saves Your Dealership Time and Money:

  • With easy access to all your repair orders and other documents at the click of a button, you or your staff won’t have to waste time searching through boxes or file rooms in an attempt to locate the document you need
  • Your service advisors and staff can find documents in a couple of seconds.

3. Reduces Storage Space:

  • Office space costs money.
  • Less paper clutter.
  • Save money on office supplies for folders, separators, stickers, etc
  • Instead of dedicating valuable office space towards paper storage, you can reallocate it to a more profitable area for your service department.

4. Allows Team to Easily Share:

  • Multiple colleagues can access the same document when required. Reduces wasted time when paper files must be passed from one department to another.

5. Secure Document Storage:

  • Your paper repair orders may be susceptible to deterioration or damage from unfavorable climate conditions or unexpected disasters.
  • Dealer Scanning offers enhanced disaster recovery options to minimize impact.
  • Digital ROs are securely backed-up to prevent your information from being permanently lost or accessed by an unauthorized third parties.

6. Warranty Audits and Other Compliance:

  • Document scanning makes it easier for your company to fulfill its legal and regulatory obligations. Digital files can be organized, indexed and produced quickly to meet the demands of even the strictest auditor.
  • What is a Warranty Audit?
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7. Warranty Labor Rate Increase:

  • Having fast and easy access to scanned copies of Repair Orders, makes it easier for Service Manager, Warranty Admins and General Managers to request a Warranty Labor Rate Increase.
  • What is a Warranty Labor Rate Increase?
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  • Unlimited repair order scanning.
  • OCR and Barcode technology reads RO number from document and prompts user for verification.
  • Allows scanning of small items like battery test receipts, coupons, alignment results, etc.
  • Color scanning for Multi-Point Inspection sheets (MPI) and other items.
  • Easy to use touch screen, one click to scan RO.
  • After scanning ROs can be easily verified via our document viewer.
  • Scanned ROs can be can be viewed by service advisors, managers, auditors, warranty administrator, and accounting via our Dealer Scanning viewers.

How to Scan Repair Orders?

Repair Order Scanning Station
  1. Place the repair order documents in the document scanner.
  2. Press the Scan button on the touch screen.
  3. The document pages will be scanned both front and back.
  4. RO number will automatically be retrieved using either Barcode or OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
  5. Document pages are then automatically stored as a PDF file which can be retrieved via our Dealer Scanning viewers.
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